Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Minute EASY Memorial Day Ideas!

Are you looking for something healthy and delicious to eat this Memorial Day? I know I am! Here are some recipes I recommend so you can have a herberiviffic time!

Why not start out with something light and satisfying? Here are some great options! 
Start out with a fresh organic salad or hummus dip!

Summer Salad

Bursting with life this raw summer salad will make your mouth water and your belly smile. The sweet peas, sweet peppers, fresh berries and grapes make for a divine treat.What a great way to wow your friends, family or yourself! :)

The Amazing Fantastic Raw Vegan Salad!

 Hearty, healthy and delicious this salad will keep you coming back for more! Why not eat to impress with a visual sensation! This salad is loaded with protein and organic vegetables. 

Roasted Vegetable Hummus Dip  

 Hummus is a great appetizer and always welcomed! With roasted eggplant, garlic and onions the dip is loaded with flavor!


Maybe you'll head to the park and have a BBQ or go to a potluck? I always come prepared to potlucks with my own veggie patties so I don't feel left out!

Blackened "BB" Burger with Homemade Wedge Potatoes

Nothing says Memorial Day like a burger! This tempeh black bean burger will have you coming back for more and offers plenty to go around! 

BBQ Pulled "Chicken" with Corn on the Cob

The smell of BBQ is hard to beat. Don't fear, have a BBQ pulled "Chicken" sandwich!

BBQ Tempeh "Cheese" Burgers

I can't get enough of a BBQ "cheeseburger"! Probably because I grew up eating meat, it's feels like I'm cheating but I'm not! Try these bad boys out and you'll be in for a real treat! 

For Dessert why not keep it healthy!

Cool off with a

Soy Yogurt Parfait

On Memorial Day nothing says it like red, white and blue! Fresh cool berries, over your favorite yogurt mixed with granola.

Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Growing up my mom always made a rhubarb crisp! To me, nothing says summer is here like a strawberry rhubarb crisp! This is a nice gluten free alternative and is super satisfying!

Heavenly Vegan Carrot Cake!

Bake a cake and try not to eat it all! Heavenly vegan carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting! 

Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day!

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