Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ever wonder what shopping with a vegan looks like?

 It's a different load of loot each trip depending on what you like, what's on sale, what's in season and what looks appealing! I did a quick unplanned stop and picked up some of my favorites. I love color this time of year so I couldn't help but splurge on a couple of items. Instead of unloading everything to my fridge I thought I'd share what I picked up!

 In order to follow a vegan lifestyle I have to supply our house with a full stock of what we love. It makes it so much easier if we have a whole bunch of options to pull from. Plus, it leads to creativity when cooking!

Lately I've been trying to focus on buying what sounds good, looks good, is fresh, in season and packed with nutrition and flavor. I've been trying to buy more whole foods and less processed foods. It does require a little more time upfront but I can already feel the benefits!

I purchased all of this fresh food for two vegans for one week of real good eating. 

What did I buy? 
Tons of Bananas
2 - apples
6 - Oranges
6 small - Lemons
1 - Pineapple
3 - Mangoes
6 - Kiwi
1.3 lb - Red Cabbage
2 heads of Kale
2.3 lbs - Tomatoes
1 coconut
1 pckg corn tortillas
.5 lb - broccoli 
2 - yellow bell peppers
2 - squash
2 - cucumbers
3 - red onions
10 - small hass avocados
.5 lb - Taro Root small
.5 lb - Ginger Root
1.7 lb - Brussels sprouts
red and green grapes
1 lb - Blueberries
2 lbs - Strawberries
1 - Beet
Handful Garlic
We've already been enjoying the good food! My husband made some steamed veggies last night for dinner. 
I followed it up with some fresh fruit for dessert with brown rice syrup drizzled on top! :) 

In good health and happiness,
Artistic Vegan

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